YouPorn data links Nintendo Switch release to drop in traffic; Increased search of Link, Zelda

YouPorn is used to traffic fluctuations on during holidays, the release of major TV shows or blockbuster movies premiering, but it turns out that Nintendo’s latest console can cause a fluctuation as well. According to data compiled by YouPorn, the release of the Nintendo Switch dropped the traffic for the weekend.

Instead of watching porn, Nintendo Switch adopters chose to game and apparently, you can’t do those two things at once. The data from the weekend of the Switch’s launch reveals traffic dropped -15% on Friday, -17% on Saturday and -13% on Sunday.

As for which type of gamer abandoned YouPorn for the Switch, well, they have stats on that too.

“Gamers” in general dropped by -17%, followed by “Hardcore gamers” and “social gamers” at -10% each. 

While traffic to YouPorn went down, the searches relating to Link and Zelda went up – at least as far as Nintendo related searches go.

…“Link” and “Zelda” had the highest increase in searches over the weekend. “Link” up 164%, while searches for “Zelda” were up 102%. “Nintendo” searches went up by 37%, and searches for some of the system’s OG characters like “Mario”, “Bowser” and “Princess Peach” increased by 24%, 23% and 16% (respectively).

So, if gamers decided to watch porn… It was The Legend of Zelda porn. Which probably means that a majority of those Switch players were playing Breath of the Wild.

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