There are very few actors, if any, who can match the cinematic résumé of Samuel L. Jackson. Since his film debut in 1972, Jackson has appeared in over 120 movies…and he’s not done yet! This weekend, Jackson is starring in Kong: Skull Island, and James Corden used Jackson’s guest spot on The Late Late Show as an excuse to revisit some of Jackson’s most famous roles alongside the man himself.

Over the course of an 11 minute sketch, Jackson reprised several of his greatest parts alongside Corden, who filled in for Jackson’s iconic co-stars. Of course, all of Jackson’s Tarantino films were accounted for, including Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Django Unchained, and The Hateful Eight. The Star Wars prequel trilogy was also touched upon, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe was only represented by a single team shot of the Avengers.

A few of the included scenes were genuine surprises, including Jackson’s starring turn in Soul Men, and his much smaller role in Goodfellas. But the biggest highlight for us was Jackson’s inspirational moment from Deep Blue Sea, the movie where his character was abruptly eaten by a super-intelligent shark while he was in mid-speech. For that one, Cordon essentially “left-sharked” Jackson. Some of the other films referenced here included Unbreakable, A Time to Kill, Jurassic Park, and Jackson’s live-action recreation of a scene from The Incredibles. Somehow, Loaded Weapon 1 didn’t quite make the cut!

What did you think about this humorous look back at Jackson’s cinema history? Say “what” again, and then share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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