National Ranch Dressing Day was March 10th this year, and I’m still kicking myself for missing it (you better it’s in my calendar for next year). Because who would want to miss one of the best food holidays ever, especially when one considers Hidden Valley’s impressive way to celebrate America’s favorite condiment. Internet, I give you the Ranch Dressing Fountain!

While chocolate fountains have long existed for the sweettooths of the world, some of us need to dip our veggies, our pizza, our chicken wings—our everything—in white liquid gold. This impressive Auger-style fountain has a two pound capacity, which is a whole lot of dressing but luckily for the buyer, you don’t just get the fountain, you also get a year’s supply of ranch dressing. Is 12 bottles really a year’s supply, though? I challenge you to find out.


According to the The Today Show, ranch dressing got its origins when at an actual Hidden Valley dude ranch in California in the 1950s. Now it’s become the staple for drowning all things savory.

Think of the party possibilities with this impressive food fountain: Sure, it’s ideal for a BBQ or game day but it could also be the best centerpiece, ever, for your wedding. (A personal high-five from me if you actually do this.) And why not go all out? The Hidden Valley Ranch store has all your lavish salad dressing needs covered—they also sell a handmade jewel encrusted bottle of ranch. “But why?”, you may ask—to which we counter: do you really want to know?

The Hidden Valley Ranch Fountain is available online at