Rejoice lovers of space, science, and silky smooth voices of reason! To celebrate “Science Week,” Twitch will be marathoning Cosmos: A Personal Voyage with Carl Sagan in its entirety. Twice. The presentation of the OC (Original Cosmic) journey will also include live Q&A segments with Ann Druyan, co-creator of the series, as well as interviews with an “array of personalities from the science scene” throughout the rest of the week.

According to a Business Wire press release, the marathons will take place on Twitch, with the first starting at 12:00 PDT on April 24-25, and the second at 2:00 PDT on April 27-28.

The series, which first premiered in 1980 and has since been a source of inspiration, education, and many a college freshman’s “whoa the universe, but whoa…” moments, consists of 13 (roughly) hour-long episodes. This means that if you plan on throwing down the space gauntlet and traversing all of existence on a brain-bending galactic cruise led by a kind and wise space captain, you’ll need to spend the entire day on le canapé.

Aside from the two marathons, Ann Druyan, who was also the wife of the late Sagan along with a co-creator of the original series, will be, presumably, discussing all things science, space, and Sagan — extremely relevant topics that you may wish to hear about with our own Kyle Hill in Los Angeles at this weekend’s March for Science — following the marathon on April 28.

The other scientists that will be interviewed alongside Druyan during Science Week on Twitch include: Matthew Buffington, Ariane Cornell, Scott Manley, Pamela Gay, Kishore Hari, Fraser Cain (Fraser Cain?!), EJ_SA, and the one and only Bad Astronomer, Phil Plait. Because you always need a Plait at a science buffet. (Sorry, had to make a Fraser Cain kind of joke there.)

What do you think about Cosmos streaming on Twitch for Science Week? Let your voice stand out in the cosmic fugue below!


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