As long as science fiction has been around, fans have dreamed of seeing flying cars that could replace our automobiles on the ground. Although technology has advanced exponentially over the past few decades, we’re still far from the future that was promised. However, a recent test flight may finally pave the way for flying cars to become a reality.

Via Wired, the battery powered Lilium Jet made its first test flight in Germany earlier this month, and it could potentially be revolutionary. As the report notes, Lilium hasn’t yet perfected the tech behind the plane or the battery and there are still years of testing ahead. But this flying machine really works, as you can see in the video below.


One of the advantages of the Lilium Jet is that it can take off vertically and still handle like a plane in the air. The downside is that the Lilium Jet can only hold five people, and the company has yet to come up with a solution to its biggest problem: finding a battery that can power the plane at a high speed for an extended distance. The company’s current goal is 190 miles at 190mph; and some of Lilium’s competitors don’t believe that problem can be solved with battery powered engines.

Lilium is far from the only company exploring the concept of flying cars. Elon Musk, Airbus, Aeromobil, and other companies are trying to come up with ways to make their own flying vehicles. But this competition between the companies may prove to be a good thing. In theory, each company will attempt to outdo the others, and hopefully at least one of the companies will emerge with a working flying car that can be safely used by the general public. That would definitely be a gamechanger, but it’s still several years away, at the earliest.


Lilium Jet 3

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Images: Lilium

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