60,000 bees create a gorgeous honeycomb teapot

Bees are increasingly recognised as a hugely important pillar of food and agriculture. But they’re not just good at pollenating; they’re pretty great at building amazing honeycomb structures when given the chance.

60,000 bees in a hive constructed a beautiful tea pot around a wire frame constructed by artist Tomáš Libertíny, with Dutch beekeepers Johan Beckers and Bart De Coo working to look over the bees as they built their beeswax sculpture.

The inspiration came from time itself and the slow, unyielding power of nature, with the film The Millenial Bee (1983) and Gabriel García Márquez’s novel One Hundred Years of Solitude important creative inspirations.

Libertíny says, “The title of the work ‘Thousand Years’ is not only reflecting the amazing materials properties—beeswax can literally last thousands of years—but also the scale of human life in the face of the apparent eternity of the universe.”

The work was commissioned by Christofle in Paris with photography and video credit to René van der Hulst.

You can see more of Libertiny’s work – which involves museum piece vases and pots all created by bees below and by clicking through to his site.

“Thousand Years” by Tomas Libertiny from Studio Libertiny on Vimeo.


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