This is not a drill, people: The next season of Supernatural will have an animated Scooby-Doo episode!

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In an announcement made during The CW’s Upfronts presentation, the CW admitted to the pairing of their favorite current Scooby Gang (Buffy is off-air so it doesn’t count!), with the Scooby Gang of old. While the particular circumstances of this Winchester/animated crossover is still unclear, the internet is abuzz over the news. Fans of the show know that Supernatural isn’t afraid of trying new things and getting really meta in terms of homages to other shows and movies, tongue in cheek jokes, or even playing with alternate realities. The team behind the series have carved out their own world where the silliest of episodes can exist side by side with the most gut-wrenching tales and we love them all the same. We’ve seen episodes go into a black-and-white vampire movie, enter a video game of sorts, and even go full-TGIF in a season five episode.


And while it may be wishful thinking, we kind of hope that the Scooby-Doo episode happens for a very particular reason: The last few seasons of Supernatural have been a roller coaster ride of demons, angels, God, and his sister The Darkness. Satan is still kicking around and even managed to start a family last season. God and his sis are still off in the Universe working out their sibling rivalry and Castiel is being controlled by Satan Jr., so—without other major players—we don’t know how the Winchesters will be able to stop it. Unless, fingers crossed, we see the man behind the TV Land episode “Changing Channels” come back.


OK, sure, we know he’s dead. We know Satan killed him. But doesn’t the Winchesters getting sucked into a Scooby-Doo cartoon have Gabriel written all over it? Without knowing about his demise, an animated episode is EXACTLY the sort of thing we’d expect him to do.

So, here’s our pitch: The Antichrist is born and the Winchesters need help. God and Amara are still unable to do much to help but decide to make a judgement call with a Captain Planet “our powers combined” situation in order to bring back Gabriel to help. Gabriel, looking out for the Winchesters, stuffs them in a cartoon for safe keeping. Hilarity ensues.

Or, since that’s highly unlikely, we’ll probably just see some spell go wrong and trap them in a cartoon. But hey! At least we’ll get to see Dean drive the Mystery Machine and probably enjoy some Scooby Snacks, right? Maybe we’ll even see the Scooby Gang freak out if Sam and Dean have to decapitate something!

What are your hopes for the Scooby-fied episode of Supernatural? Can we all lobby for a return of Gabriel? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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