Sometimes you don’t know what you’re hungry for until it appears in front of you. Japanese rotating sushi bars are like a live menu, constantly tempting you visually with new items that you didn’t even know you wanted. Tamago, that sounds good. Unagi, I didn’t even see you there!

Revolving sushi bars are slowly making their way to the States but have been a staple of Japanese dining for some time. The ease and quickness of sitting down and grabbing food cafeteria-style is paired with the fun of having a train of food rotate in front of you.

If you feel like you’re missing out on the sushi thrill ride, now you can entertain yourself at home with Tomy’s new Ferris wheel sushi party. As a fan of both food and amusement parks, I have to say the idea of combining the two is quite intriguing. Rocket News notes that the six-carriage Ferris wheel toy was designed to look like the one at Fuji-Q Highland amusement park, located near the base of Mount Fuji.

For this table-top mini version, everything you need is provided in one giant box: a Ferris wheel and carts, a rice paddle and plates, and oh yes—all the extra track you need to launch your sushi right off the ride!


Indeed, if the twirling Ferris wheel of fish wasn’t enough to make your meal more exciting, there’s also a launch button that will hurl your sushi right towards you. All this entertainment comes at a steep price of ¥10,778 ($98 US) but think of the other mealtime possibilities—it’s the perfect portal for breakfast bagels, dessert cupcakes, or anything else you might way to catapult across the table to your dining companions.

The Sky Party Sushi Big Ferris Wheel can be purchased on the Tomy website and will be available in July.

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Images: Tomy

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