John Wick TV Show is Happening and Keanu Reaves Might Guest Star

In today’s Keanews, we have learned that John Wick will be getting its own TV show, tentatively titled The Continental, after Wick’s favorite hotel chain and home away from home. Sounds like it will be an HGTV classic!

Lionsgate has been developing the project with the franchise’s director Chad Stahelski and his writing partner Derek Kolstad who spoke with Indiewire about the television prequel to the John Wick film universe. The best revelation: Keanu Reeves could reprise his role as the titular character for a guest star appearance.

“I think he would make an appearance,” Stahelski told Indiewire. “I think that’s part of his thing, [but the series] isn’t centered around John Wick.”

So what is the show about? As a prequel, The Continental will delve into the seedy underbelly of the hotel chain whose clientele’s business is bloodier than your average white collar worker. It would revolve around a rotating cast of the hotel’s employees who have to deal with all manner of shady people.

Stahelski elaborated:“I like telling stories from my one character’s perspective. Once you put that aside with the TV show, [you can] expand to all the different characters and follow them throughout their journey. You can be with the consigliere, concierge, the sommelier — you can be with all these different characters and walk through the world in different aspects; ones that I’m a little limited [from exploring] by staying with my lead guy.”

Does this mean that John Wick now qualifies as an expanded universe? Will his pups be in the new storylines? If so, that’s the best (and I guess only?) Keanews we’ve heard all day.

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