Best of E3 2017

Boy howdy are we exhausted from the weeklong schlep of E3, but it was totally worth it. Essentially since all the major players emerged with news that made us want to sock away cash so we can splurge when everything comes out—we’re especially looking at you Nintendo.

If you’ve been following all of our E3 coverage, I bet you’ve probably asking yourself, “I wonder what that Nerdist News Talks Back crew thought about all of the developments at the LA-based conference?” Well good news everyone, because Amy Vorpahl, Kyle Hill, and Rob Manuel sat down for a kibitz about all their favorite moments from this year’s convention.

While Amy is a number-one stan for Skyrim’s VR—even with Bethesda’s murky graphics—Kyle was stoked about the new DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn and explained why he always opts to play as a female protagonist. Rob, on the other hand, had his interest most piqued by an indie traveling game called Where The Water Tastes Like Wine, which Amy decided is a game about making friends.

As with everything in life, E3 also had its share of disappointments. The group’s general consensus: there were more “meh” moments that focused on previously existing IPs than earth shattering revelations. Have we just been spoiled by the last few years of announcements? Perhaps. Are we still stoked by the sheer amount of gaming we have to look forward to in the coming year? For sure.

What were your favorite moments of E3 2017? What about the biggest meh moments? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter. Also be sure to check out all of our E3 coverage right here.

Image: FOX, Sony

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