New Game of Thrones Trailer Highlights Sansa Stark Might be Jon Snow’s Biggest Enemy

He’s survived White Walkers, thousands of the undead, wildlings, Boltons, and even his own brothers in the Night’s Watch, but the fantastic new trailer for Game of Thrones‘ seventh season suggests Jon Snow might not be able to survive his own sister Sansa Stark.

The latest look at what promises to be the most explosive year yet for the HBO series opens with Littlefinger telling Sansa to fight every battle, and ends with her suggesting that the loss of one lone wolf (sorta like new King in the North Jon Snow, a.k.a. the White Wolf) doesn’t matter when the pack survives. It’s an ominous set-up for what would be a fatal mistake for both Sansa and Jon, where any discord between them could doom them both. Especially when Jon seems very busy in this trailer fighting the White Walkers.


In between we hear Jon pleading with someone (Other families in the North? The Knights of the Vale? Daenerys and her invading forces?) to work together, lest they all be destroyed by a far greater enemy than any of them are. We also see a number of battle preparations and actual fight scenes, with the stand out being a charging Jaime riding his horse through a flame-torn battle. Could that be the last gasp of House Lannister?

This trailer will require a full breakdown to answer so many of our questions (Who is the older bald man speaking to Bran in his wheelchair? Why is Jon leading forces beyond The Wall into battle, including him fighting yet another White Walker? What are all those ravens flying to?), including why we aren’t getting to see more of Sam, Oldtown, and the Citadel.


It’s a lot to digest, especially when we now have to seriously worry about Sansa betraying Jon. In doing so she would weaken House Stark once again, along with maybe, possibly dooming all of the living in the Great War.

So the stakes are sorta high.

But what do you think of this trailer? What questions do you have? Tell us in the comments below.

Images: HBO

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