Watch Spiderman Surprise Guests at Starbucks

With Spider-Man: Homecoming very close to release in theaters, the folks behind the film have been going all-out to get fans excited to reunite with everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. One method they’ve tried to amp up the energy: Having him drop in for a coffee at a New York City Starbucks.

As far as fun promo videos go, this might be one of the coolest we’ve seen in a while. We see a crew rig up some gear so that a Spider-Man double (kudos to this guy for hanging upside down for so long) could drop in on unsuspecting Starbucks customers waiting for their drinks.

The reactions range from sheer delight to utter panic as some New Yorkers weren’t entirely prepared to see someone hanging upside down beside them dressed as Spider-Man. Odd, since it’s something New Yorkers should be used to by now since Spidey’s their hometown hero. There’s even a few shots of Stan Lee cut into the video for his obligatory MCU (Marvel Caffeinated Universe) cameo, but we suspect those were just added after the fact.

And while the adult reactions give us something to chuckle at, we can’t help but have our hearts warmed by the responses from kids. Even knowing it was a gimmick, imagine how awesome it must have made these kids’ days to see a hero like Spidey in real life! We may have even witnessed a superhero origin based on how amazed the kid in the green shirt looks.

How would you react if Spider-Man dropped in on you like this? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Image: Sony Pictures Entertainment

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