Deadpool 2 Starts Filming

The irreverent merc with a mouth is back, baby! Deadpool 2 officially began filming today, and boy are we excited.

Host Amy Vorpahl, Associate Editor Kyle Anderson, Managing Editor Alicia Lutes, and Deadpool himself discuss today’s nerdy news on Nerdist News Talks Back. Okay, fine, Deadpool isn’t here, but that’s totally the kind of thing he would do. Additionally, we’re dishing on Miles Morales in the MCU, Peter Parker being in Iron Man 2, and Star Wars: Forces of Destiny‘s trailer.

First up? We’ve got our first glimpse of that sweet DP since the 2016 film. This time, Wade Wilson appears to be crashing a children’s birthday party, which makes a lot of sense based on the tone of the first film. Maybe Domino will show up as a birthday clown and Cable will do some juggling? Honestly, we’re just looking forward to the plethora of jokes Deadpool will surely make about Josh Brolin playing both Cable and Thanos. Hey, maybe we’ll even get a Hugh Jackman cameo! Jackman may be done playing Wolverine, but it’s not beyond the possibility for the actor to play himself. In fact, it’d be a perfect opportunity to break the 4th wall.


Moving to one of the other Marvel movie universes, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has confirmed that Miles Morales is in the MCU. We don’t know where, but he’s somewhere. With Miles Morales’s addition, the MCU now has two legacy heroes—those who take the mantle of another hero. The first, Scott Lang’s daughter Cassie grows up to be the hero Stature, who can grow like her father’s Giant Man persona. Hopefully the MCU is paving the way for its future heroes and building up to a Young Avengers movie.


On the topic of young heroes, Peter Parker has been retconned into Iron Man 2! A popular fan theory, that Parker is the boy who Iron Man saves, which ignites the budding scientist’s love of super heroes, was so well-liked by Feige that it’s now official. It would certainly explain why Peter looks up to Uncle Tony so much, but never more than Uncle Ben.


Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, Lucasfilm’s new Youtube show, has a trailer and it’s awesome. Showcasing the series’ powerful women, Forces of Destiny looks to inspire younger viewers and instill in them a sense of independence and hope. The women of Star Wars have increasingly played a pivotal role in the series—from Leia to Rey to Ahsoka and Jyn—so it’s great to finally see a series highlighting their contributions.

Image: 20th Century Fox, Marvel Comics, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm

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