Han Solo Movie: Rumor That Jabba The Hutt Will Be In It

I’m not sure if you guys have been keeping up, heard or not, but there’s been some serious upheaval in the world of the still-untitled Han Solo movie. Like…Lucasfilm fired their directors and hired Oscar-winner Ron Howard to pick up the pieces.

Anyway, lots of stuff is happening with the movie, which despite having this huge hydrospanner thrown into the works, is still expected to meet its scheduled release date OF LESS THAN A YEAR AWAY (May 25, 2018)! With all of this one people’s minds, we do have one little bit of possibly positive info: Jabba the Hutt will apparently play a major role.

We know from the Lorden Miller [sic] fiasco that the script by Lawrence Kasdan was of the utmost import to the top brass at Lucasfilm and—according to a rumor The Hashtag Show (via ComicBook.com)—we’ll get to see how the antagonistic relationship between Han and Jabba really started. Though I think most of that was already addressed in the orig trig, with Jabba sending Greedo after Han for dropping his payload when he was boarded by the Empire…Remember?


Evidently, Jabba is an integral part to the movie’s plot and, even with Howard coming in and having to reshoot much of Christopher Miller and Phil Lord’s “unusable” footage, Jabba will be more than just a cameo for fans. The show also said that Jabba will be “partially CG and partially animatronic puppet,” so a mixture of the way he looked in Return of the Jedi and literally every other time we’ve seen him. Old school is the best school, in my humble opinion.

What do you have to say about Jabba the Hutt being a major part of the Han Solo movie? Do we really need to see everything we’ve already heard about? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

Images: Lucasfilm

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