These Harry Potter Funko Pop Toys Are Adorable And Available Soon

Is it possible to cast an Undetectable Extension Charm on shelves? I need to know, because if I don’t find more ways to store and display the myriad charming Harry Potter collectibles available, I don’t know what I’ll do. I need to come up with a solution faster than than Professor McGonagall can transform into a cat though, because Warner Bros. Consumer Products has partnered with Funko for a new series of Harry Potter Mystery Mini vinyls and SuperCute Plushies that are ready to fly into your home. And we’re so excited to share an exclusive look at the collection!

Available at Barnes & Noble this summer, the Mystery Mini Series 2 includes Harry, Hermione, and Ron figures wearing the Sorting Hat, Luna Lovegood, a Dementor, a Thestral, and much more. Here’s a look at the complete set with Barnes & Noble exclusives.

WM Funko Mystery Mini S2_w Barnes and Noble Exclusives

Please take note of the Pygmy Puff!!!

You’ll find images with additional figures that are Funko and Hot Topic exclusives in the gallery below.

In the Harry Potter Super Cute Plushies category, you’ll find an adorable and huggable Voldemort (which is just how the dark lord should be), Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Dobby. Maybe you could make a Dobby-sized sock for the House Elf; Hermione would approve. Scroll down to the gallery to see photos showing off each of the plush toys.

WM Funko_HarryPotter_SupercutePlush_9pc

Which Mystery Mini figures and Super Cute Plushies are you hoping to add to your collection this summer? Hop aboard a broom and soar to the comments to let us know your top picks.

WM Funko Mystery Mini S2_w Funko ExclusivesWM Funko Mystery Mini S2_w HotTopic ExclusivesWM Funko_HarryPotter_DobbyWM Funko_HarryPotter_HarryPotterWM Funko_HarryPotter_HermoineGrangerWM Funko_HarryPotter_RonWeasley_WM Funko_HarryPotter_Voldermort


Images: Funko

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