Someone made huge video game tables – and they look amazing

Fandoms and creativity often go hand in hand, and when it comes to repping your personal fandom, be it a TV show or a videogame, sometimes the standard merchandise just isn’t enough. Lucky for us, there are some creative people out there ready to provide the perfect addition to our collections.

Yesterday afternoon on a viral Imgur post we caught a glimpse of some of the coolest videogame merchandise that we definitely hope is for sale soon. In it are some of the most amazing custom tables I’ve ever seen and they are based on classic videogame cartridges and controllers. These tables, crafted by the poster’s neighbor, are beautifully rendered with high quality painting and unique and intricate drawer functionalities. Each one is nothing short of a masterpiece.

I’m always impressed with fans that take their crafting skills and cleverly adapt them to the fandoms they love most. There are few better ways to show you really love a medium than to create for it and give back to its community.

Here’s hoping a little signal boost will get these tables into my house sooner!

You can check out all of the tables from the original post in the pictures below:










Images: Imgur

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