Westworld Season 2 May Bring Big Trouble To The Park

Throughout most of Westworld‘s first season, Robert Ford kept promising a new narrative to shake up the park. Ford’s “Journey into Night,” is definitely going to change things, but probably not for the better. The inevitable android uprising has begun, and hiding in SamuraiWorld isn’t going to save anyone!

While new episodes of Westworld won’t be arriving this year, HBO is starting its new season two push early with an unexpected update to the official Discover Westworld site. Via io9, the in-world site now leads to a desperate message from someone trapped inside the park.

Westworld website 1

But before that message can be completed, it is overridden and replaced by a less alarming greeting from Delos.

Westworld website 2

Well, that’s a relief! That uprising was totally going to change our travel plans! Of course, we have questions. Who sent the first message? And is Delos already trying to cover up the problems inside the park? The creative team behind this series has already teased a potential time jump in season two, which suggests that the androids didn’t immediately wipe everyone out. But it’s unclear who is still alive in the park.

Amusingly, the site also seems to hint at the upcoming Westworld panel at Comic-Con. Although we are curious about the actual location of Westworld and if there really is a San Diego experience center in-universe.

Westworld website 3

The Westworld SDCC panel will take place in Hall H on Saturday, July 22. Perhaps we will get more answers then. The second season is expected to premiere in 2018.

What do you think about the tease for Westworld season two? Freeze all motor functions and share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Images: HBO

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