Amazon’s The Tick New Trailer Is Out, What Do You Think?

Next month, justice returns…with a Spoon! Ben Edlund’s classic superhero spoof, The Tick, is getting a third chance for TV stardom via Amazon Prime. As the Tick himself would say, “destiny is on the line…accept the charges!” Peter Serafinowicz’s title character may be a bit clueless, but he has a big heart and he is “nigh-invulnerable.” That’s how he’s able to take a ridiculous amount of punishment and maintain his sunny disposition. Now, Amazon has dropped a new trailer for The Tick‘s first season that shows off a slightly more serious take on the character while also recapturing the fun of the original comics.

The Tick can’t really be hurt, but his reluctant sidekick, Arthur (Griffin Newman), isn’t quite as lucky. Fortunately, the trailer shows off Arthur’s cool-looking new costume, which updates his classic design. However, the Tick’s good buddy just doesn’t quite know how to use his costume, which means he’s in for some comically painful moments.

The new trailer also shows off a few of the characters inhabiting this world, including Jackie Earle Haley’s crime boss, the Terror, and Brendan Hines’ Superian, who seems to be a Superman riff. Unfortunately, each version of The Tick TV series (including the cartoon) had specific characters that don’t necessarily transfer between then. We may not get Chairface Chippendale on this show, but we do see Yara Martinez’s Ms. Lint step up as the series’ newest villain.

Amazon is splitting the first season of The Tick in two, so we’re going to get six episodes on August 25th, with the remaining episodes slated to drop in 2018.

What do you think about the new trailer? Unpack your thoughts with a SPOON! And let’s discuss in the comment section below.

Image: Amazon Studios

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