New Stranger Things Season 2 Details Offer Secret Pasts

Our world is turning upside down! We’re just a few days shy of the one-year anniversary of Stranger Things‘ debut on Netflix, and it’s going to be hard waiting until October to see new episodes. Fortunately, Netflix has dropped a creepy new teaser, and more intriguingly, a timeline of the major events in Hawkins, Indiana. And guess whose name immediately jumped out at us? Why it was none other than David Harbor’s Jim Hopper, Hawkins’ chief of police. Today’s Nerdist News is looking into the mystery of Hopper’s connection to the town’s deeper secrets.

Join host and Justice for Barb treasurer, Jessica Chobot, as she walks us through the newly released timeline. It’s got the things we expected, including the beginning of MKUltra’s experiments in 1953, as well as the abductions of Will Byers and Barbara Holland. But why is Jim Hopper’s return to Hawkins given equal prominence? Believe it or not, the answers may actually lie in the first season.

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What do we really know about Sheriff Hopper? The man values coffee and contemplation in the mornings, and we saw him cut a deal with MKUltra in exchange for letting him make the attempt to save Will alongside Joyce. However, Hopper may have earlier ties to MKUltra that even he doesn’t know about. We don’t think that Hopper was experimented on, but doesn’t mean that his daughter wasn’t one of their victims.

Did you forget that Hopper lost his daughter to cancer? The first season specifically mentions that she had an experimental treatment for her illness, but the details weren’t specified. Considering that Dr. Brenner frequently used children for his experiments, it’s entirely possible that Hopper’s daughter was a part of that even if he didn’t know about it. A wilder theory is that Hopper’s daughter may actually be alive, and her cancer was just a trick to separate her from her father. Sounds crazy, right? And yet we’ve already seen MKUltra fake Will’s death with a false body. That seems like a trick that they’ve pulled off before.

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Back in the Super Bowl Big Game ad, Hopper was briefly seen digging up something. Has he realized that something about his daughter’s death seems suspicious? Or is there a chance that he’s exhuming her body in the hopes of finding proof that she’s still alive? That would be a rare happy turn for the series, until we ask the following question: if Hopper’s daughter is alive, what has she become?

We’ll learn more when Stranger Things season 2 hits Netflix on October 27th.

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