Christmas Cake Flavored Pepsi Is Coming to Japan

When it comes to exciting variations on sodas, the most enticing flavors tend to debut in Japan. In that country, Pepsi is particularly devoted to finding new ways to sell its product. And this year, soda lovers are in for a holiday treat, because Pepsi is about to debut its new Christmas Cola.

Via Kotaku, the Pepsi Christmas Cola is actually a cake-flavored soft drink. In Japan, one of the annual Christmas traditions is a strawberry sponge cake wrapped in whipped cream. That’s an idea that hasn’t really taken hold in the United States yet, but perhaps it should. According to Pepsi of Japan’s description, this Christmas themed creation will be a white cola that has a “sweet and tart” strawberry smell.

As noted above, this is far from the wildest flavor that Pepsi has presented to the Japanese market in years past. While American audiences tend to favor Pepsi’s ordinary flavors, the people of Japan can be harder to attract. The multiple flavors are part of an attempt to grab the attention of the Japanese consumers in the short term war for their devotion. But most of the soda flavors are only temporary additions to Pepsi’s lineup before they give way to something new.

Some of the previous Pepsi flavors found in Japan include Salty Watermelon, Caribbean Gold, Black Lemon, and Ice Cucumber, which don’t sound quite as tasty as the new Christmas cake flavored drink. If you happen to be traveling to Japan, you’ll be able to pick up the Pepsi Christmas Cola starting on November 21. Just make sure to bring back a few bottles for us. For research.

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Images: Cooking With Dog/Suntory

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