STAR TREK Khan Figure Plants the “Seed” of Kirk’s Destruction

In five decades of Star Trek stories, few villains have been able to approach the “superior intellect” of Khan Noonien Singh, a superhuman dictator from the late 20th century. In his original era, Khan ruled over one-quarter of the Earth’s population, and now Khan is coming to claim dominion over your toy shelves as well.

Quantum Mechanix has unveiled the next figure in its sixth scale Star Trek line, and it features an uncanny recreation of Ricardo Montalban‘s likeness as Khan during his single appearance in the original series episode “Space Seed.” Khan’s legend was largely created in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, but it was “Space Seed” that established Khan as a more than worthy adversary for Captain James T. Kirk.

As you can see in the pictures, the details of Khan’s costume have been meticulously replicated for this 12 inch tall figure. Like the other figures in this Star Trek line, Khan has multiple points of articulation that will allow him to be posed in many different ways. QMX had some fun with those possibilities by recreating Khan’s classic battle with Kirk using their figures. Note that Khan and Kirk are not sold together, although we think that would make a great two-pack.

Among Khan’s accessories are multiple hands and a bent phaser, which can be used to demonstrate his immense strength. Visit the gallery below to see several more pictures of this Khan figure. QMX has Khaaaan available for pre-order for $149.95, and it is expected to begin shipping next month.

What do you think about this Star Trek figure? Somehow, we think you know which name to dramatically yell in the comment section below!

Images: QMX

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