ThinkGeek’s Feisty Pets Christmas Bear Brings Terror to the Holidays

It’s never too early for the holiday season to begin, and ThinkGeek is ready. As we begin the long march to December 25, they’ve revealed a new Christmas Bear from their Feisty Pets line. The bear’s name is Ebenezer Claws, and he comes with an adorable scarf and a Santa hat. And just like Santa, he knows when you’ve been sleeping…but that’s the problem. It may be hard to revisit dreamland once Ebenezer Claws bares his fangs.

According to ThinkGeek, Ebenezer Claws does come with a warning that he “may eat your Elf on the Shelf.” But as far as we’re concerned, the elf had it coming. This Christmas scare bear is allegedly suitable for children three and up, but it may be a bad idea to give Ebenezer to the very young children in your lives. While his default expression is pretty mellow, his darker half emerges when the back of his head is squeezed. But it could be like having your own Gremlin, if you don’t mind a little holiday terror.

Look at this promo photo for Ebenezer, which features the bear menacing a man with a Santa hat of his own.

Ebenezer Claws is currently available to order on ThinkGeek for $19.99.

What do you think about this ferocious Christmas bear? Break out your holiday claws and share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Images: ThinkGeek

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