Kate Upton — Lindsey Vonn — And 14 Other Models Who Pulled Off The Hottest Body Paint Moments Ever

We’re not too certain that it gets any hotter than beautiful women covered in body paint. We don’t know about y’all, but in our opinion, body paint is the best of both worlds! She’s naked, but can still walk around in public. Seems like a win-win, if you ask us. Beyond the obvious sex appeal, it’s pretty amazing to see just how realistic some of these painted ensembles look. If it weren’t for the, erm, “alertness” of the nipples, we’d be inclined to think it was actual fabric covering these beauties.

Of course, The ever-popular and widely beloved, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue made this trend mainstream, which is a why a majority of these iconic (and sexy) moments are pulled from there! It’s also the reason we look forward to seeing which new beauties (coughAlexis Ren cough) will be given the esteemed honor of parading around like a damn work of art in the newest issue. Seriously, forgot The Sistine Chapel (sorry, Michelangelo), these models are where it’s at.

We think we should all petition Sports Illustrated to have an entirely body paint issue for 2018. What do y’all say? We’d love it if they could still feature heavy-hitters like Emily Ratajkowski and Kate Upton— and hey! Where was Ashley Graham in some body point? We would have really enjoyed that. Also, let’s give a big shout out to the stunning newcomer, Hunter McGrady, she looked absolutely flawless in that pastel rainbow paint on one piece. We love that SI has taken the hint from the mainstream by promoting all body types. All women are works of art!

For all of the sexiest body paint moments we could find, keep scrolling!

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