With the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War comes Thanos’ arrival here on Earth. And if this intense look at the film is any indication, he’s going to enjoy taking over the universe.

This trailer includes almost every hero we expected—and many former foes turned allies—who who will join in the fight against the planet’s greatest enemy yet. And despite his natural inclination, Thanos seems to be having fun attacking Earth. While the film promises a sweeping global battle, it looks like it will start where the first Avengers battle took place: New York City (good thing Spidey has that new suit).

But while this is a serious and somber trailer, in the midst of all of the terror, the reemergence of Captain America and his spiffy new beard bring a bright spot of hope for humanity and the rest of the team.

Plus, seeing the Guardians of the Galaxy at the very end also made us feel better about the Avengers’ chances.

Standing out among all the chaos is where we find Vision in this trailer. First, we see the just-shy-of-all-powerful hero looking like a regular human (a human with a glowing Infinity Stone in his head, anyway) in the company of Scarlet Witch. More significantly is a later shot, in which that very same Infinity Stone is pried from his skull. A weakened Vision would be devastating to the Avengers’ chances of beating Thanos.

It also appears that the heroes of Wakanda will play a prominent role in the movie, which means next February’s Black Panther movie could be even more important to the buildup than we might have even predicted.

Ultimately, though, this trailer belongs to Thanos and his invading army. He lords over everything we see like he knows he’s already won. And since we know the damage one Infinity Stone can do, seeing him in possession of two already is the most frightening shot from the entire MCU. No wonder Earth will need all the heroes it can get.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on May 4, 2018. What do you think of this first trailer? What stands out most to you? Arrive in our comments section below with your thoughts.

Images: Marvel

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