We’re starting to think Chance the Rapper might be in the wrong profession and should abandon his music career to become a full-time journalist. Because after his amazing sketch last month on SNL where he played a confused sideline reporter at a hockey game, he followed that up this past Friday by filling in as a weatherman at a local Chicago TV station. And not only did he nail the surprisingly difficult task of working with a green screen, he also paid homage to Harry Potter by donning an “invisibility cloak.”

In a story we came across at Entertainment Weekly, the Chicago native joined WGN Morning Newsto discuss his incredible million dollar donation to the Chicago Public Schools he made last March, and while he was there he helped out giving the weekend weather forecast. And he pulled it off, because apparently he’s great at everything he does.

I can tell you from personal experience it’s disorienting to stand in front of a green screen and point to the exact right spot during a weather forecast. It’s inverted and counter-intuitive, and that’s without someone messing up and listing Peru as being in Illinois. (Wait a second….oh, huh, would you look at that.)

But doing the weather while also finding the time to pay homage to the Boy Who Lived? That’s next level, which is why if he ever gets tired of the music industry we know he won’t be out of work long. We all need to know the weather forecast.

What other job would you like to see Chance the Rapper try? Name the next profession he should work at in our comments section below.

Featured Image: WGN News

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