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THIS GORILLA GOING FULL FLASHDANCE IN A KIDS POOL | Bored Nerdist | Humor, Nerd News, Entertainment
As someone who has been known to “leave it all out there on the dance floor,” I know the pure joy that comes from ~really feeling it~ when it comes to dancing. It brings a certain level of joy (and endorphins) to your life that’s hard to replicate without leaning into the rush of it all and fully letting go. It just feels RIGHT—and this gorilla knows what I’m talking about, just look at howRead More
THE BIGGEST MARVEL LEGACY REVEALS SO FAR ARE AMAZING | Bored Nerdist | Humor, Nerd News, Entertainment
Yesterday, Marvel Comics rolled out a series of gifs that featured classic covers and newly created homages for the upcoming Marvel Legacy initiative. And while most of the titles appear to be continuations of the previous ongoing titles, there are a few new books coming to the Marvel Universe starring some fan favorite characters. First up is the new Marvel Two-In-One, a relaunch of the Thing’s team up title that ran in the ’70s and ’80s. ForRead More
Top 10 Secret United States Government Bunkers That Will Amaze You | Bored Nerdist | Humor, Nerd News, Entertainment
The United States of America contains many classified bunkers, particularly in relation to continuity of government (COG). In the event of a terrorist attack, nuclear strike, or other catastrophic occurrence, US government leaders congregate in top secret facilities, all of which are strong enough to withstand severe blasts and provide survival necessities for extended periods of time. These exclusive fortified shelters are some of America’s best-kept secrets and strongest lines of protection. 10 Presidential EmergencyRead More
15 Foods That Are Way Less Healthy Than You Could Imagine | Bored Nerdist | Humor, Nerd News, Entertainment
There might be no bigger industry on the planet loaded with con artists than the food business. Making heads or tails about what you can put into your body without completely destroying it is harder than anything you’ve ever had to study in school. Well, because we’re in the business of sticking it to the Man and exposing bullshit, maybe we can help make your research a little easier. 15 14 13 12 11 10Read More
5 Mass Deaths You Most Likely Never Noticed Happened In Cartoons | Bored Nerdist | Humor, Nerd News, Entertainment
The world of animation has seen its share of horrible atrocities: Teen Titans Go!, post-season-two Family Guy, Caillou, etc. But then there’s the other, less-obvious kind of animated tragedy. It’s like this: You can’t have a good cartoon without some sort of suspense-building disaster or antagonist, right? Walt Disney Goddammit, Inside Out, I told you to WAIT IN THE CAR. Well, in the end, all of those things are always defeated/overcome and everyone lives happilyRead More
Biology in every Alien movie, and how it fits together | Bored Nerdist | Humor, Nerd News, Entertainment
Look, fans of the ALIEN franchise–we need to have a chest-to-chest for a minute. It’s getting harder and harder to love the movies if you’re a giant science nerd, like me. For the last 40 years, the movies have been getting more and more hung up on the biology of the original xenomorph (yes, small “x”), as have we nerds, and now it’s all a mess. What is the black goo? Where did the first facehuggerRead More
Ron Howard Will Direct Han Solo Movie | Bored Nerdist | Humor, Nerd News, Entertainment
It’s official: Ron Howard is trading in the Apollo 11 for the Millennium Falcon. Just two days after directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were suddenly dropped from the Han Solo anthology Star Wars spin-off, Variety is reporting that Howard will officially take over directing duties for the remainder of the film’s shooting schedule. Lord and Miller originally signed on to direct the Han Solo movie in July 2015, but recently shocked fans by leaving the project mid-stream, citing creativeRead More
New Game of Thrones Trailer Highlights Sansa Stark Might be Jon Snow's Biggest Enemy | Bored Nerdist | Humor, Nerd News, Entertainment
He’s survived White Walkers, thousands of the undead, wildlings, Boltons, and even his own brothers in the Night’s Watch, but the fantastic new trailer for Game of Thrones‘ seventh season suggests Jon Snow might not be able to survive his own sister Sansa Stark. The latest look at what promises to be the most explosive year yet for the HBO series opens with Littlefinger telling Sansa to fight every battle, and ends with her suggestingRead More
These hot girls with guns will blow you away (36 Photos) | Bored Nerdist | Humor, Nerd News, Entertainment
Is there really anything sexier than hot women with guns? Most likely not, so here is 36 high quality photos of gorgeous women expressing their second amendment rights. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36Read More
‘Family Feud’ is a treasure trove of game show fails (22 Photos) | Bored Nerdist | Humor, Nerd News, Entertainment
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23Read More
BATMAN #25 COMIC WILL SEE A HUGE CHANGE IN THE JOKER | Bored Nerdist | Humor, Nerd News, Entertainment
Fanatic readers of DC’s Dark Knight probably already know that Batman made a significant life changing choice after questioning whether he should give up his calling as Gotham City’s greatest hero. But before Bruce Wayne can enjoy the closest thing to a happy ending that he’ll ever get, he’ll share his deepest, darkest secret from a hidden chapter of Gotham’s history. Writer Tom King and Mikel Janin are kicking off the first installment of their next multi-partRead More
Doctor Who and Sherlock Showrunner Steven Moffat Creating New Dracule TV Show | Bored Nerdist | Humor, Nerd News, Entertainment
Sherlock might be over for now, but Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are reuniting for another literary classic with a brand new Dracula series. Via Variety, Moffat and Gatiss are slated to co-write and co-create the new take on Dracula, which is based upon the classic novel by Bram Stoker. It’s unknown if Dracula will follow in Sherlock‘s footsteps by taking place in modern times, but it will adopt the same production format used in theRead More
Bad Robot's New Flick Overlord Coming in 2018 | Bored Nerdist | Humor, Nerd News, Entertainment
If there’s anything we’ve learned in the last several years, it’s that if a movie comes out from J.J. Abrams‘ Bad Robot Productions that we don’t know what it is, we need to sit up and take notice. On top of producing the Mission: Impossible and Star Trek reboot films—not to mention The Force Awakens—their two Cloverfield movies have become low-key favorites in the sci-fi thriller field, and this year’s God Particle will keep thatRead More
Power rangers laser tag, Weezer, Futurama and more at ID10t Festival | Bored Nerdist | Humor, Nerd News, Entertainment
This weekend, Nerdist founder Chris Hardwick is unleashing the inaugural ID10T Music Festival + Comic Conival in Silicon Valley as the worlds of music, TV, comic books, and comedy collide in a one-of-a-kind event. ID10T is already bringing together the cast and creators behind Mystery Science Theater 3000, Stan Against Evil, The Magicians, Animaniacs, Portlandia, and Harmontown for panels at the event. Today, we’re revealing more comic book and TV, panels. But first, it’s Morphin’ Time! Nerdist is teaming up with Loinsgate toRead More
E3 2017: BORED NERDIST BEST OF E3 AWARDS | Bored Nerdist | Humor, Nerd News, Entertainment
There are only three certainties in life: death, taxes, and the full-body hangover that comes from spending countless hours on the E3 show floor. The biggest event in video gaming got even bigger this year as it opened to the public for the first time, allowing 15,000 lucky fans to purchase passes to the previously exclusive, industry-only event. The 68,400 attendees were able to test out more than 2,000 products showcased by 293 exhibitors, andRead More
Best of E3 2017 | Bored Nerdist | Humor, Nerd News, Entertainment

Best of E3 2017

Boy howdy are we exhausted from the weeklong schlep of E3, but it was totally worth it. Essentially since all the major players emerged with news that made us want to sock away cash so we can splurge when everything comes out—we’re especially looking at you Nintendo. If you’ve been following all of our E3 coverage, I bet you’ve probably asking yourself, “I wonder what that Nerdist News Talks Back crew thought about all of the developmentsRead More
IS STAR WARS EPISODE 9 IN A ROUGH SPOT? | Bored Nerdist | Humor, Nerd News, Entertainment
Friends! Were you aware that every day we do a live talk show talking all about the day’s biggest pop culture and entertainment stories? Well we do! On today’s show, host Jessica Chobot welcomed Mothership writer and newly minted recording artist Amy Vorpahl and Nerdist’s very own social media manager/Teen Beat reporter Michelle Buchman to talk down E3’s indie games, Colin Trevorrow‘s critically disliked new movie, and Danny Elfman doing the score for another bigRead More
CALL OF DUTY: WWII MARKS A GRITTY RETURN TO THE SERIES’ ROOTS (E3 2017 PREVIEW) | Bored Nerdist | Humor, Nerd News, Entertainment
The Call of Duty franchise has been around for nearly 17 years, and in that time, players have hit the battlefield during World War II, modern day, and far into the future. Though the last three titles in Activision’s annual cycle, which went the futuristic route, were great in their own right, fans have been thirsting for a return to the series’ roots. The time has finally come, as we saw when we went hands-on with CallRead More
Watch this Horrific, 6,000-TOOTHED GIANT SNAIL Eat an Earthworm Whole | Bored Nerdist | Humor, Nerd News, Entertainment
Australia is the often the first place that comes to mind when we think of locations that are home to hoards of terrifying creatures. They have mutant Spider-Man spiders and snakes that will try to eat you in your sleep, for goodness sakes. However, let’s zoom out a bit because Australia’s neighbor New Zealand isn’t messing around when it comes to mortifying animals either. For example, a video from BBC Earth shows footage of the Powelliphanta SnailRead More
John Wick TV Show is Happening and Keanu Reaves Might Guest Star | Bored Nerdist | Humor, Nerd News, Entertainment
In today’s Keanews, we have learned that John Wick will be getting its own TV show, tentatively titled The Continental, after Wick’s favorite hotel chain and home away from home. Sounds like it will be an HGTV classic! Lionsgate has been developing the project with the franchise’s director Chad Stahelski and his writing partner Derek Kolstad who spoke with Indiewire about the television prequel to the John Wick film universe. The best revelation: Keanu Reeves could reprise hisRead More
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